Banana Leaves

By: Rose Hunter

Feb 09 2011

Category: Language Place Blog Carnival, Mexico, palm trees, plant mosaics, Sayulita


Focal Length:12.4mm
Shutter:1/250 sec

against the grey sky they are
giant chartreuse loofahs
and I want to pick one
cavort in it, strumpet-like

green, so clearly his color
although of course when we first met
I said orange or red
but now I know, peridot lion

banana leaves are stamped
caution: fragile: forget it: the world

don’t work that way, he says
and money don’t buy you brains
to which I say, good
‘cause both of those went out
with the last of the empties
but, banana leaves
are to wrap things in
like bodies and fears

or, as diaphanous butter knives
they are to block light,
partially, and be shone through
partially, to look up and see, partially
as Lilliputian, beetle; fungus.

* This poem also appeared in The Toronto Quarterly, issue 7.


2 comments on “Banana Leaves”

  1. I like the images you paint in this poem, like this one: ‘banana leaves are to wrap things in like bodies and fears’. And the photo suggests that wrapping one’s fears into that banana leaf could truly be possible, it’s so green and calming and large … Love it.

  2. Thank you Brigita!
    And thank you for doing such a great job with the blog carnival. :)

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