Winding along the Michoacán coast
Concrete Blonde and joking I thought
he meant, Blondie…. Norwegian
blue stare and proclivity for
the double negative, laughing over
no hay!” and comfortable silences
it’s hard to imagine
his strong veins plunged with dope
the sheer-fall cliffs
the black sand beach
eruptions of a complex high-
temperature fluid substance –
oh, yeah – viscous lava
bubbles in the rock; vein, eye
jaw, he is both/and/or
one thing and then the other.

* This poem appeared in Two Weeks: A Digital Anthology of Contemporary Poetry
(Jan 2011.) Published by the editors of Linebreak.
* Also in the book A Foal Poem.
* This photo was taken where the poem took place also, along the Michoacán coast.


8 thoughts on “Vulcanology

  1. so first i like the many layers in “this poem took place”.

    and then second, this plunge that happens as soon as i step into the poem.

    what a fine thing, this photo + this poem + this plunge.


  2. Thank you lovelies! Thanks for reading, and for your comments. :) I haven’t finished going around the carnival yet, but have been enjoying it muchly :) so far!

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