You As Los Angeles

By: Rose Hunter

Jun 20 2011

Category: L.A, Language Place Blog Carnival, signage, USA


Focal Length:70.5mm
Shutter:1/200 sec

(Where you come from and I can’t help it
of course I know you have walked along
this street, for example)

(and even in Rite Aid
T-shirts maps cigarettes Christmas
decorations CDs soap, laundry
clothes, pegs booze, trust me, I said
this is not what’s in a “drug store”
in every country)

(and when I see you in Vallarta
I saw Karl! – and you say, in a city
of? – twelve million? All pancake
and flapjack & how I liked
to flummox you – but no)
he met me at the airport
but that’s another story.

* Published in the book You As Poems (2012).


7 comments on “You As Los Angeles”

  1. and the first time i was in LA i listened to music on a jukebox in a place called something like iguana kelly’s…a *nice* irish bar. and then the next time i was in LA i had flown in to stay with LA man and what the devil…he was living just down the road from said iguana. but that, as you say, is another story.

  2. great rhythm here, the street ebb and flow. the photo evokes so much, and what a damn shame the rite aids of the world sell cigs and booze (this pharmacist so ashamed). super. peace…

  3. So fluidly related. It sounds like something related over the shoulder in a backward glance, while asking not to be interrogated about the story underneath. I love this easy-going brief monologue (?). It is right on target.

  4. love your voice in this. sounds so conversational – something i love in what i read.

  5. Nice use of parentheses – it set me thinking how much we keep inside. Slightly terrifying image!

  6. love your work,

    and you too!


  7. Karl!! xx :) :) :)

    And thank you kind people. :)

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