A Foal Poem

By: Rose Hunter

Sep 14 2011

Category: book covers, collaborations


This is a book cover, this one, here (link).

Cover design by Dorothee Lang (link), from a photo by me.

This photo (link).  :)


5 comments on “A Foal Poem”

  1. the cover knows the content! the poetry sucks you in, but you don’t realize it until you put the book down (or try to) because all you want is to get back into the foal poem experience. dorothee- amazing cover!

  2. wow. where can i get it?

  3. Sherry! :) :)
    And YES to Dorothee! :)
    Hmm. Is the link to my blog working?
    There should be a bunch of info here:

  4. Wow! Congratulations, Rose!

  5. :) Thanks Karyn!

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