Eriza Dos

Sculpture by Blu, Puerto Vallarta, “Eriza Dos” = “Sea Urchin Two” / “Standing On End.” 


6 thoughts on “Eriza Dos

  1. what i love about this shot is the N is shooting the girl shooting the man. and the sculptures are there but aren’t really there. they are only witness to the shots, none of which are about them.

  2. Yes I think this too. There is something witness-y about their structure too, or maybe an urchin that can’t move, that is watch-y, something like that…. Thanks for the awesome comment!

  3. I notice you have a propensity for sticking a pole or tree right up the middle of the image…I wholly approve of this…the poles are especially nice when they have some scraped off posters on them …this tree has some nice worn paint on it.The sea urchins are starting to grow on me a bit…better than most of the sculptures on the Malecon..I heard her husband owns the Guadalahara drug store chain in Mexico and she jets to the opening of her shows… A bit of gossip .

  4. Heh. (re the pole(s).)
    The sea urchins are my favorite out of the Malecon sculptures. I’ve put them in poem(s) too. Along with the ladder one (other sculpture I like).
    Farmacia Guadalajara chain? Thanks for the gossip! :) :)

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