By: Rose Hunter

Oct 26 2012

Category: construction sites, fences, Malecón (PV) sculpture, Mexico, Photo Friday, pics taken with Maryse's Nikon D50, Puerto Vallarta, telegraph poles


Focal Length:60mm
Shutter:1/1000 sec
Camera:NIKON D50


8 comments on “Malecón”

  1. Wow…this one really works all the way across the board !

  2. this one makes me ache. someone said goodbye here. i feel it.

  3. I love your comments! Oh! I already said that! But I love them! :)

  4. Mmm,…I was just marveling at how subjective the whole picture response thing re redmittens comment… and a good image will do this…it speaks in tongues

    I stared at this picture for 6 or 7 minutes when I first laid eyes on it and my response was I think totally different.I was just feeling that dense shimmering body of mercury water and the diaphanous sky and that wonderful relationship they were having together….and there that dark mysterious pole in the foreground like a sentinel or that monolith in 2001 A Space Oddysey dimensionless and all knowing and that sea urchin sculpture looking like a black eye with rays shining out…everything cosmic or mythological feeling…and then my little overheated reverie wore off and I went and made a sandwich LOL

    Ahhh..maybe don’t post this comment Rose. LOL

  5. Heh. It posted automatically, I think from now on, after a certain number of comments, WordPress decides – and there you have it. So too bad! Heh. I hope it was a good sandwich. :) I am thinking gherkin.

  6. Are you suggesting I was weaned on a pickle or something? :) Peanut butter and onion actually..quite good :)

  7. I thought the urchin looked like a pickle, even though it doesn’t. It looks like the word “pickle.” Or by extension, gherkin. Which is great with peanut butter, and onion, sure! … What are you even doing here? You are supposed to be cowering by a candle, in the hurricane/superstorm…. Stay safe!

  8. The sad part is I understand what you are saying :) OK …the sea urchin is now a sea gherkin. I don’t know how the sea urchin will feel about that… not to mention the sea cucumber …which by the way is not so good with peanut butter!
    I stayed safe…thanks for well wish :)

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