By: Rose Hunter

Oct 27 2012

Category: Mexico, pics taken with Maryse's Nikon D50, Puerto Vallarta, signage, vehicles


Focal Length:70mm
Shutter:1/500 sec
Camera:NIKON D50


6 comments on “Lamp”

  1. Calle Guerrero….I don’t recall seeing this wall and I definitely would have remembered.Who wants to live in these crystal cities when you can have walls like
    this in you neighborhood .Even that black Chev truck emerges naturally out of that wall. Thanks Rose.

  2. It’s right at the first bend…. You would have walked past it all the time. There may have been something else on it (the wall) at that time though….
    Thanks Brian!

  3. the coming and the going both at once, and yet the staying. so much staying in this photo. a collage!

  4. There may a bit of your zigging when (s/he) zags, here….
    Thank you Sherry. :)

  5. Hi Rose
    You know I searched out this wall when I was down there and it sure doesn’t look as grand as it does in your photo . I think I like the way a camera can lie on occasion.Lies to make you realize the truth. On this same trek I walked up to where I think you lived approximately and yelled out your name like Marlon Brando in a streetcar named desire…your name is Stella isn’t it? But we’ll you know the outcome .
    Developed an appreciation for Banda music while I was there as I was force fed fom a local club.Since I have been back I put on a song called Mi Piden by El Coyote every day….it has an irresistibly slow tempo.almost on the verge of stopping … A lament of some sort I think.
    Hope everything is going well for you ! :):)

  6. I heard you! I thought it was the bread man….
    Banda is awesome. The videos clips also. I love it.
    Good to hear from you. Send me an email & catch me up if you like. :)

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