4 thoughts on “Malecón

  1. I love it! They are attractive. And what I noticed was the loose plank leaning against them, I thought, McCracken plank. And then I got distracted and forgot to take a photo of just that, what I was going to do. :)

  2. Yes I very much noticed that plank…it just sits there right. Hey…what building did they tear down there? I heard they tore down Los Paloma’s which I had an affection for.The first time we came to PV was during Easter and Los Paloma’s had this great Mariachi trio every night and the place was always packed with Mexicans and Gringos all very happy.They say the Mexicans sort of view Mariachi as tourist music but I tell you all the Mexicans there knew all the words and songs and were happily gyrating away…all ages which was nice.
    I guess they are putting up another big annoying night club…oh well.

  3. You know, I can’t remember what club used to be here. The cow is Vaquitas or whatever it’s called, but that was something else not long ago, and something else not long before that.They change so quickly. I’m too old and can’t keep up. I’m wondering if they have finally knocked down the Zoo Bar though, since some of what was in the rubble were pics of giraffes and whatnot. My photo of that did not turn out. I’m probably wrong about the Zoo. I can’t see they’d tear that down, maybe something else then. I’ll try to remember to look when I next walk past!

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