Mar Egeo

By: Rose Hunter

Mar 28 2013

Category: Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, signage, vehicles, windows


Focal Length:9.9mm
Shutter:1/320 sec


6 comments on “Mar Egeo”

  1. no way did you find the red car for the pink wall with the open doorway. go ahead, please do. walk through…

  2. I like it also, let’s just paint this bit of wall. Not those other bits. Heh. :)

  3. It looks so much more interesting just having that big block of pink Imagine how much duller the picture would look if the whole wall was plastered and painted pink.
    I like all the odd door angles exterior and interior and what an odd space walk in the door and then another step and you are right back outside again.Nice photo Rose.

  4. A picture that’s like a strong cup of coffee. Nicely visualized.

  5. Thank you both! :)
    So true, re coffee. And I am about to have one….

  6. I should go back there for a haircut eh? It’s a hairdressing salon. :)

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