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6 thoughts on “Window

  1. Rose…btw…I never receive any of your replies to my comments, that is–unless I go back and look for them.

    If you click on the “reply” link under my name when you want to respond to my comment, then I will automatically get a notification. :)

    1. Oh! Hehe oopsie. I’ve been doing that the whole time (not hitting “reply”). Thought people just didn’t ever reply back, very much. (!) Thank you so much for all your comments here, very much appreciated. You often seem to like something that was in my “unsure whether I should post this one” basket. Like this one. :)

        1. i wish i had actually kept them in a more literal basket. instead the ones i don’t post, i just let them loose again, into the big forest/er, basketeria. From now on then! :)

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