dog 45SEl Tuito.

4 thoughts on “Street

  1. I had this one sitting around for a while, well no actually I archived it, because I didn’t like the line around the dog. I found it when I was looking for something else. This was when I was just back taking pictures with my [crappy] camera, after using the good one, having to give it back. I thought, no good! Maybe it’s not (the line), but I like this picture now too. So there is an explanation that no one asked for. ! :)
    Thanks redmitten. :)

  2. oh, huh. and okay i see. it’s like you wanted a certain flow but the line said stop here, dwell. x marks the spot. or something like that. but it is a grand moment. stop here.

  3. Thank you redmitten. Yes, it is the moment. I get annoyed at the lack of picture quality with this camera and also the inability to manual focus drives me crazy. But yes, the moment, I like it also. :)

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