Man with Tejón

tejon 30SMismaloya.


6 thoughts on “Man with Tejón

  1. I always have an odd sensation seeing these simian creatures ( not just him ) holdiing a leash to another creature…strange.

    I have this intriguing photo of a baboon that I wanted do something with in a painting…now I think I know.

    1. Tejones are in the raccoon family though.
      I love them; they are my spirit animal!
      Send me a pic of your baboon inspired painting if you do it!
      Oh, the leash is strange but the tejón was in good condition actually. The guy let me pat it and such. So beautiful. :) It’s just a baby, one year old. :)

  2. Oh you just gave me a good laugh! The simian creature I was referring to was the man and it is the inter-species thing I find odd especially with a string attached..I definitely wasn’t going all animal rights activist or anything like that. I find people and pet relationships odd.I understand it but I still find it odd …so I had this little vision of my baboon with a pet creature of some sort on a I know I just made a big mistake by trying to describe something indescribable ….Oh Boy ! :)

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