pelicans 30SMismaloya.

These rocks are Los Arcos.


5 thoughts on “Pelicans

  1. When I stayed in mismaloya I stayed in a Condo on the far right shore pictured only higher up. A beach club played banda music most nights which travelled easily across the water and up the mountain. One night they played a song 15 or more times in a row. I was ready to put a gun to my head.The next day I woke up humming the song and had to go down to the beach and find the title.The culprits laughed when I related my experience the night before and gave me their own descriptions of the evening.
    Anyway the song is Mañana Nos Peliamos by El Coyote. Banda rocks…. or something like that, :)

    1. I love Banda! I’m listening to that song now:

      I can’t find an actual video clip worst luck, with colorful tuxedos, etc.

      Thank you for the wonderful caption to this photo.

      PS It was only recently pointed out to me that no one sees my replies to their replies unless I actually I press “reply,” not just write anywhere below. :)

      So, pressing reply!

      “Culprits” hehe.

  2. pelicans. here, i fished the same water as the white pelicans. they would fly overhead, scouting and scutinizing my fishing method.

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