Calle Estela

By: Rose Hunter

Sep 21 2013

Category: Mexico, Mexico City, rebar, telegraph poles, windows


Focal Length:6mm
Shutter:1/200 sec

Kind of near Bondojito.


7 comments on “Calle Estela”

  1. Very nice.

    • The textures huh? Reminded me of some checkered animal. :) This is right near where I am moving so I will have lots of chance to examine it further. Maybe close-ups also….

  2. Yes definitely the flaking paints adds pictorial vitality but the pale pink is seductive too with the various shades of blue in the windows and the dull blue sky…but then the road is very interesting too like some cracked animal hide and that manhole cover punctuates nicely…all makes for a pleasing look.

  3. I forgot the two blue buckets !

  4. I really like Brian’s comments. I’m also drawn to the tilting signs and leaning-over telephone pole.

    • Most telephone poles are leaning over to some degree here it seems, well in certain areas. I love them also. Thank you!

      Heh and the tilting sign. :)

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