church 25SOaxaca.



6 thoughts on “Agave

  1. I hear the Mescal is good in Oaxaca .I actually like Mescal better than tequila …has a nice smokey taste you don’t find in tequila or God forbid Retzina..Oaxaca looks altogether charming.

    1. Oaxaca is really lovely! I have had mescal. … I can’t taste the difference really, I don’t have a finely developed palate. Raicilla? Well that is an interesting one, a drink for effect, not taste, definitely…! I remember having too much of it at Yelapa. No wait, I don’t remember it so well…. :)

  2. Raicilla…yes I knew it was something like that….the effect being memory loss? :)
    I would like to try pulque although I am sure it is dreadful.:)

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