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steampunk-lampionsStill not posting here.
But Dorothee Lang (link) did this! Again from an image I took on my phone and posted on Facebook.
The same church appears in the next image, only from the other side. Front and back. Day and night, perhaps. :)


church cross cable connection


No, I’m not posting here at the moment. Just this one…

Dorothee Lang (link) made it, using a photo I took on my phone and posted on Facebook.

Well a year and a half later, it became the cover of my book. :)


I stole the birds from Dorothee Lang; here they are. They are French birds.

The little poem is mine. It’s from A Foal Poem.

The drunk tree/gossip tree is in Sayulita and it’s a ficus. All this is completely true. A lion told me it happened, just like that.